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We almost can't imagine a world without WiFi anymore. Clients expect outstanding performance of these networks, and want the possibility to connect everywhere. 80% of the WiFi networks are not optimally configured. CyberTronica can help you improve the coverage and security of these networks so they are used to its full potential.


These days government organizations are a target for criminal organizations. Phishing and social engineering are commonly used. You can secure your whole network, but if you don't train your staff it has no use. CyberTronica can help train your people to spot those anomalies.


Hospitals have a broad database of client data that criminals want to target. CyberTronica can help in its defenses. We offer pentests to determine the weaknesses in your organization so you can patch them.


In construction there are lots of tools that get stolen. This is a big problem. CyberTronica can help with Research and Development of special projects to improve its defenses.
Projects are custom made for every clients needs.

And Many More

In general, we serve all industries, as long it has something to do with security, WiFi or awareness training. Reach out to us with your problems, contact us and make an appointment.


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