Why Choose CyberTronica?


Cybertronica is a small company where we like to connect with our customers to give them an optimal service. Talking with our customers and getting to know the company is key to a successful outcome.


We believe passion in your work gives better results, so we don't see this as a day to day job but as a hobby and passion. This way we keep on learning and improving our skills.


Out of the box thinking and coming up with unique solutions to your problems is what we do best. CyberTronica will take the manual route before the automated route for better success rates.


We have a large background in Wireless optimization and consulting of all the A-class vendors. CyberTronica can offer professional analysis and reports to optimize and secure your wireless infrastructure.


Our awareness trainings are built to give the shock effect to the students. We believe in confronting the students to the danger gives better results afterwards.


Your Security Service

Address: Abelenlaan 27, 2550 Kontich, Belgium